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Whats your personal stack?

Curate and share the things you love with the world. Whether you're an influencer, creator, or simply passionate about the products and resources that shape your life, PersonalStack helps you showcase your unique stack.

  • Share the things you like

    Help others discover the things that matter to you. Products, articles, podcasts - anything!

  • Build Your Personal Brand

    Your personal stack is a reflection of who you are

  • Monetize your audience

    Earn money from sales through your page with just a 10% cut for us. Creating affiliate links can be a hassle, so we handle it for you. Prefer using your own links? No problem, we'll leave them untouched.


What is a personal stack anyway?

A personal stack is a curated collection of your favorite "nouns"—the things you use and love. Those collections make up a "stack". Whether it's a photographer sharing their camera gear, an entrepreneur sharing their billing software, an athlete listing their preferred supplements, or a philosopher recommending their favorite books—it's all about showcasing what makes you tick.

Why should I make one?

Creating a personal stack is a free, fun way to share the things you love with others. It makes it easy for others to see what you're about. For purchases made via links on your stack, you will be paid out a commission for the sale if the linked site is one of the platforms that we support.

So, what's your stack?