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Hi, I’m Mike, a regular tech guy / podcast enthusiast / indiepreneur with a passion for sharing the things I like, and learning about what works for other people. Whether it’s the supplements recommended by a respected clinician, the tech tools of an entrepreneur, or the book recommendations from an industry titan, curating this information has always been kind of difficult.

So, I decided to fix it. I want to make it super easy for people to share the stacks in their life. Stacks are thing agnostic. They can be books, podcast episodes, blog posts, products, exercise routines - whatever! The point is, if somebody ever asks you "What do you use for X?", you can just point them to your PersonalStack here. As a side bonus, you stand to profit if you elect to use affiliate links within your stacks.

So, if you feel compelled, I encourage you to create your own PersonalStack. Add it to your bio on social media, share it with your friends, be a positive influence on the products, information, and ideas that fill the internet.

- Mike